COVID-19 may have caused concerts, plays, theaters, operas, etc… to be cancelled across the globe. Virtual Concert Live wants to reinvent concerts and entertainment experience so that artists, actors and musicians can reach new and existing fans right from the comfort of their homes

Company founded.

Virtual Concert Live was founded in 2020, by Leonard Afflalo, Eddie Cilien and Barrington Fields to create accessible virtual entertainment experiences for geographically dispersed fans during this COVID pandemic. Through live exhilarating productions at affordable prices in the safety and comfort of our audiences’ homes. .

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring live entertainment into homes during this quarantine state of life. Virtual Concert Live creates the ambience to bring entertainment to your internet based devices while creating a front row and VIP experience in all of our entertainment productions with guaranteed affordability.

Our Platform

Virtual Concert Live is a pay-per-view live streaming platform which allows the viewer to purchase a virtual ticket for a live event so they can watch on any internet based device .


With our own virtual servers built on a 5g network we are able to stream to millions of fans simultaneously at the same time generating more profit for the entertainment industry.

Production and live streaming

All live streaming pay-per-view productions will be produced by virtual concert live. We have the latest 4K cameras, computers, video switchers, audio mixers and streaming decks to facilitate any type of concerts or events delivering top quality in the entertainment industry.

Devices Distribution

With our own RTMP this allow us to Stream to our own CDN network and transmit to all internet base devices

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